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The Ministry of Intercession

The Spirit of the Lord is doing marvellous things in the area of intercession for the Church through the CCR. We need to glorify the Lord by publishing these reports on the website so that it could also be a source of inspiration for other regions.

Accordingly the ICCRS intends to publish reports of intercession initiatives by Nations, Ministries and Groups as and when we receive them. You are encouraged to send us report about new initiatives relating to intercession to: info@iccrs.org.


The Road to Pentecost: The Call to Intercession · Assisi, Italy


INDIA: A report on initiatives in India

“First of all, then, I urge that supplication, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone.” (1Tim. 2:1)

Pope Benedict XVI said, “Catholic Charismatic Renewal in India is very strong”. He mentioned this to Mrs Michelle Moran, President ICCRS and Mr. Cyril John, Vice President ICCRS during their audience with the Holy Father.

CCR in India is very strong solely because of the power derived from the countrywide intercession. There are many intercession centres in the country where Perpetual Adoration of the Holy Eucharist and Intercession is taking place. There are more than 120 Retreat Centres in India where retreats are conducted without a break and chapels are dedicated for 24×7 intercession. In one of the retreat centres in the State of Uttar Pradesh, the intercession is conducted by people belonging to other faiths and are called “Krist Bhaktas” or “Devotees of Christ”.

National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (NCCRS) encourages intercession in a big way. In the premises of the National Charismatic Office, Perpetual Adoration and Intercession is being carried out at the “National Intercession Centre” by four sisters of the congregation viz., “Cenacle Sisters of Sacred Heart”. The NCCRS also has a National Intercessory Network (NIN). The members of NIN are spread throughout the country and they undertake to pray every day for 15 minutes for the intentions published every month in Charisindia, a magazine for renewal and spiritual growth. The NIN intentions published every month are for the needs of country, the Church, CCR and for Priests.

In its quest for training more intercessors the National Service Team (NST) of the NCCRS organizes retreats and seminars all over the country by giving them the right orientation. Books and literature containing authentic teachings on intercession are available with the National Charismatic Office at very affordable rates.

There is a dedicated prayer line to receive prayer requests 24×7.

October 2nd every year is a very special day for CCR in India. The day is observed as the “National Day of Intercession”. The NIN team spearheads the event. They send letters and posters containing the intentions to be prayed for. On this day, all over the country, prayers are offered through Holy Hour, Special Holy Eucharist, praying Rosary, fasting and praying, night vigils, continuous Adoration of the Eucharist and intercession through out the day, etc.

September 1st every year is observed by Youth United for Christ (YU4C), the Youth Ministry of the NCCRS, as the “National Youth Day of Intercession”.

Apart from the above, each Diocesan Service Team has its own Intercessory Cell- Goa Intercessory Apostolate, Vasai Diocesan Service Team, Pune Service Team, Madras Intercessory Network (MIN), All Gujarat Service Team Intercessory Ministry, Bombay Intercessory Network (BIN), Delhi Crusaders – The Intercessory Ministry In Delhi, to name a few. Each having their own unique methods of intercession, but the method common to all groups are the following:
1. Perpetual Adoration of the Holy Eucharist and Intercession;
2. The Intercessory Ministries have Core teams that meet regularly to pray and decide about the future programme;
3. They organise Intercessory retreats to strengthen, train and encourage more intercessors;
4. The use of electronic media like e-mail and SMS to receive and circulate prayer intentions among members and others;
5. Observance of National Day of Intercession; and
6. Night vigils every month

Other unique features of the above Intercessory Ministries are:

(a) The Goa Intercessory Apostolate:
• Has 100 Intercessory Prayer Groups that meet every week on a day dedicated for intercession. The number in each such group varies from 5-75 persons.
• Fasting and prayer is conducted in the north and south of Goa twice in a year.

(b) Vasai Diocesan Service Team (VST)
• Has 35 active prayer Groups and these have a specific day for intercession, apart from the day of Prayer Meeting.
• For the last 14 years the Intercessory Ministry of Community of Good Shepherd meets every Thursday at 5.00 am for a day of fasting and prayer. During Lent they observe 40 days of fasting and prayer from 10am to 4pm.

(c) Pune Service Team (PST)
• Parish level intercessory prayers.
• Catechism class students encouraged to drop in their intentions in the petition box and the prayer group prays over these intentions.
• Zone-wise intercession is taking place to enable surrounding parishes to come together for intercession.

(d) Madras Intercessory Ministry (Min), Chennai
• The North and South Zones meet separately twice a month on every second Monday and every second Tuesday, respectively and the YU4C meet for two hours every Saturday morning for intercession.
• Special intercession is also undertaken before big events, retreats or rallies in the city.

(e) Bombay Intercessory Network (BIN)
• First Friday of the month: A day of fasting and prayer for the strengthening and growth of the CCR in Mumbai.
• BIN Intercessory handbill: A list of intentions is circulated on a bi-monthly basis to the intercessors.
• Adoption list: Encourage every intercessor to adopt some people in their daily prayers and form their own adoption list. (Suggested: 1 family member, 1 relative, 1 priest, 1 neighbor, 1 politician)
• Elders: To encourage elders to be intercessors by praying from home. Intercession requests are shared with them.

(f) Delhi Crusaders – The Intercessory Ministry In Delhi
It has two separate language groups conducting intercession in Hindi and in Malayalam.
• 40- Hour Adoration initiated by the Delhi Crusaders in 1995 is a regular yearly event to pray for the Archdiocese and for its various needs. The entire Archdiocese joins in to conduct this very special event starting with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by the Archbishop himself. Priests, Religious Congregations, organizations, prayer groups and ministries are given time slots to conduct Adoration and intercession for the intentions given to each.
• Members pray for each other
To keep every member of the Delhi Crusaders protected from the attacks of the evil one, the members pray for each other for 10 minutes every day at 6.00 am from their homes. Every first Sunday of the month all the members of Delhi crusaders gather to pray and share their God experience.

Thus CCR in India is fully dependent on the Ministry of Intercession and fervent intercession is taking place all over the country which helps the renewal grow by leaps and bounds.

Compiled by Gilbert Faria, Administrator of the National Charismatic Office in New Delhi.


SIERRA LEONE: Overview of the Catholic Charismatic in Freetown

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal [CCR] Group started operating in 2002 as Bible Fellowship in Freetown by some Nigerian Businessmen because the Archbishop at that time did not favour the CCR Group in his Diocese. Notwithstanding its name as a Bible Fellowship, its activities/operations were Catholic Charismatic Renewal in nature. Following its first Crusade that was held in Kenema, the Group was banned on 24th November, 2006 by the same Archbishop. Since that time, the Group was operating on low key until the Archbishop retired.

With the appointment of a new Archbishop, the Service Team made an appeal to him for the ban/moratorium to be lifted which he granted. Consequently, on 2nd August 2009, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was launched at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Membership has increased since then to an extent that the CCR has now been formed in five Parishes in the Archdiocese. Our goal is to work hard to launch the CCR in all parishes in the country. To meet the demands of the Group we have conducted Life in the Spirit Seminar four times.

a. Service Team
b. Ministry
c. Seminar Team

There are six (6) Ministries: Teaching, Singing, Healing, Intercessory, Caring, and Children’s Ministries. Each Ministry is represented at the Service Team Meetings.

The main functions of the CCR include:

• Fellowship Meetings in each parish on different days at 6:30pm
• Three days prayer and fasting done during 1st and 3rd weeks of every month starting on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays in preparation for the All Night Vigil held every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.
• 9 Days Novena in preparation for the feast of Pentecost
• Revival held at least once a year
• Beginning and Ending the year with the Lord
• Love feast

Service Team Meetings held twice every month.

Please note that in all of these functions, the intercessory ministry leads the prayers.

Quite apart from the main activities, the intercessory ministry embarks on its own private activities such as:

Other activities of CCR Intercessory Ministry in Freetown Sierra Leone include:

• Ministry meetings held every Thursday immediately after Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
• On the last Thursday of every month the intercessors pray for themselves, families, friends, etc
• My own/Adoption: every intercessor is expected to pray for someone/incidence everyday
• Prayer Request: a team of intercessors pray for a list of intentions sent by people
• Camping/Retreat: held once every year
• Prayer Warriors: in addition to their tasks, they train/groom and raise up intercessors
• Intercessory All Night Vigil: held Bi monthly [2nd Friday of every 2nd month]

By Mrs. Pricilla Margaret Sheriff, Leader of the Intercessory Ministry in Freetown, Sierra Leone


BOTSWANA: Gaborone Diocese Intercessory Ministry

“Call unto me, and I will answer you. I will reveal to you marvellous and unsearchable thing that you know nothing about.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) is new in Botswana as compared to other countries, but by the Grace of God, it is coming up very vibrant through the commitment of hard working God sent people like Fr. Julian, Fr. Paul, Rev. Sr Maria, Brother Steve Tuckson and the current National Coordinator Sister Binny Alice Modisenyane, together with the Diocesan Coordinator Sister Margrette-Mary Mushango.

The Intercessory Ministry in Botswana started just before the first National Conference which was in 2000. The Gaborone Diocesan Intercessory Ministry (GDIM) was thereafter inaugurated in July 2010 with a few members and by the Grace of God it has grown slowly from strength and strength and in number. There are at least 15 committed members form 5 different prayer groups who meet every month to discern the mind of God and seek direction for the CCR in Botswana and the church as a whole.

Training of more intercessors is done at prayer group level by giving the formation teachings before welcoming them to the GDIM. A new development for getting more people into the vineyard to intercession is in the pipe line, (a retreat scheduled 26th October 2013). By the Grace of God, those who will turn up will be the ones who heard His voice as He calling.

Activities that keep intercessors connected to the Heavenly Throne

• MINI NIGHT VIGILS:- These are held every 2 weeks before the blessed sacrament. Members are encouraged to learn to wait upon the Lord and pray for His will to be done at all times. Fasting is usually done on Fridays as the assignments continue. Emergency mini-vigils are also called when need arises.
• MONTHLY MEETING:- All members are encouraged to attend because this is where more sharing of the experience on journey are being shared. Families who are aware of the existence of the Ministry do knock at the door and their issues are handled with care by taking them to the Heavenly Father before anything can be done. Some families who have witnessed the hand of God through the GDIM do come back to testify to the goodness of the Lord.
• The Core Team members meet regularly to pray and decide about the future of the GDIM programmes. Emails and sms are circulated to share with other members the prayer intentions and messages together with scripture passages.
• Praying at intervals of thee hours has been designed for members to pray for each other as a weapon to guard against attacks of the evil one and strengthen each other. Chain prayers are also done for certain assignments as per agreement by the whole team or as per the Core Team’s suggestion.
• NIGHT VIGILS: The GDIM has been holding night vigils in parishes since last year under the theme: ”DISCOVERING GOD THROUGH WORSHIP”. These vigils are still on going until all parishes have been visited as per the revelation.
• There is also an intention of the GDIM to visit the Northern part of the country (Vicariate), to establish/develop the Intercessory Ministry. This will enable the teams to work together as they intercede for the whole country and the world at large.

The Intercessory Ministry in Botswana is yet to do more work so that the CCR can realised the need for the ministry and give it all the support which will in the end help grow the CCR in the whole country.


CANADA: A Report from Newfoundland

Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

Zech 4:6 says “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.”

The CCR in Newfoundland has been encouraged by Cyril John and his book Pray Lifting up Holy Hands and this book has been the impetus in helping us develop intercession as a focus. In addition, one of our NCR members also had traveled to Ghana last summer. The CCR there encouraged that intercession needed to be a concerted effort of all initiatives that can be undertaken. As a result, a number of members from NCR came together in October 2012 to form a group of Intercessors. The weekend was a great learning experience for all of us on the power of intercession. We became aware of the necessity of fervent prayer and being of one heart, we committed ourselves to the work the Lord is calling us to “commitment without condition”. We now give to the Lord our undivided attention for 15 minutes every day interceding for the needs of Charismatic Renewal in Newfoundland and for the Church. We have a group of intercessors across the Island who are committed to the work of intercession.

During that weekend, we gave a series of talks based on the book, Pray Lifting up Holy Hands beginning with: “What is Intercession?” Cyril John who wrote in his book that intercession is an act of love; it goes beyond ourselves it is the entering in a human divine partnership in God’s mission for the world. “Intercession in the Catholic Tradition” was the second talk. God’s purpose has to be complete in us. It is difficult to pray for those who have hurt us but adds it can only be done by the grace of God. We have the Communion of Saints interceding with us and the holiness of one profits many. As Catholics, we have many traditions that help us in the work of intercession: Holy Mass, Novenas, Rosaries, chaplets, etc. The third talk was based on “Spiritual Intercession for Those in Authority” noting that political leaders need full time prayer as well as leaders in the Church and in Renewal. They are under attack most because they have the greatest accountability. Prayer is not an option but a necessity. The final talk dealt with Spiritual Warfare: The world, the flesh, and the devil. We need to reclaim what belongs to God and take back from what the enemy has stolen. We have the power to push back the enemy. We must pray strategically and have a targeted plan to push back Satan and claim our territory. We are not to be not afraid; but be aware of where the enemy is working.

We were given a word from the Lord telling us to tear down the work of the enemy. Prayer is like a demolition crew; it tears down walls and removes debris. My children, I will use you like a hammer and other tools to destroy and tear down what I did not erect. I will be with you; you are not alone. I will work through you. At the end of the weekend, we compiled a list of areas that we wanted to intercede and the Lord certainly aided us in putting this together. Every participant was given the list to help guide their prayer time.

During our summer Charismatic Conference, we had intercessors at the four corners of the meeting auditorium, praying in tongues and interceding for all those who attended. It was the strongest conference we have ever had in regard to Word Gift.

We are slowly but fervently learning how to stand in the gap as Moses did for his people in Egypt. We see the need to submit our will to God. We pray with fervent, contrite, confident hearts allowing God to increase our faith, trust, and hope. We know He will hear and answer our prayers the best way possible —His Way. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a gift to the whole Church. We have received power from on high and it is time for us to stand in the breach and use that Power, praying without ceasing and watching the Holy Spirit move in and through His Holy Church; too, we will see God raise up HIS Renewal that was born out of His love for all His people.

Many personal sharings conveyed what Intercessory Prayer can accomplish. One story told a message of conversion another of physical healing and still another of holy service —all for the Glory to the Lord. We are interceding for the needs of our church, the renewal, the Prayer Groups for each other and for the many contentious situations around the world. We pray for all leaders in high places that they will conform to the will of God and bring about peace, love & dignity to every human being. We pray that God will tear down what He did not erect and that He will build up all that is holy. We pray for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. We are growing up and growing so aware of the need to be of one heart & mind in prayer — taking up the burdens of others — going forward with expectant FAITH (in this Year of Faith) knowing that God hears the hearts of His children. Mother Theresa once said “Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God’s gift of Himself. God has a significant work to do in and through all of us. The NCR is growing through prayer — prayer from the heart. It is a mighty work God has entrusted to us. Let us not just say a prayer; let us pray a prayer. More prayer; more power. Little prayer; little power. No prayer; no power.

By Joanie Farrell, Newfoundland Catholic Renewal


GERMANY: Intercession ministry in the CCR Germany

Besides several private intercession initiatives in the CCR in Germany, the National Service Committee runs an intercession ministry on national level.

This intercession ministry is mainly working on Email-basis: Once a month the intercessors receive an Email that contains all requests and upcoming projects, so that they can pray at home according to their time available.
The leader responsible for that intercessional ministry also invites the leader of projects etc. to send feedback and testimonies in order to encourage the intercessors in their ministry.

The members of the intercession ministry also join in a 24/7-prayer during national CCR-events.

As mentioned above there are several intercessional initiatives run by communities or private people. They do run “houses of prayer” in several places, offer training and teaching on prayer, intercession, prayer-life, worship and adoration – or simply offer time and availability for those who are in need of counseling or prayer-ministry.

By Dn Christof Hemberger, ICCRS Councillor and Chaiman of ESCI


AUSTRALIA: Australia Catholic Charismatic Renewal Intercession

Intercessory prayer across Australia has been growing on a National level for the last 7 years. Over this time, a network of Intercessors has been set up in each State. These intercessors contribute by keeping the needs of Renewal in prayer as well as distributing the prayer needs to other members of the Renewal in their local state.

There are 6 States of Australia contributing on this level of intercession. In addition, most States have intercession teams who are praying at a State level for the needs of the Nation. Many individual prayer groups have Intercessory teams praying for the needs of their group.

The numbers of intercessors in groups varies from 100 people, to groups of 6 or individuals who are committed to intercede. There is also a smaller body of Intercessors who help with National discernment in the areas where prayer is sought and in particular the monthly prayer focus for intercession in Australia.

Annually the National Service Team for Renewal has allocated a day of intercession for the 5th Saturday of Lent. On this National Day of Intercession, the CCR gathers in each State of Australia to intercede for the Renewal. Repentance featured strongly in the first couple of years. Another focus for this day is to hear prophetically what the Lord is saying to us as a Nation. This prophetic word is gathered, discerned at a National level and then becomes part of our National prayer focus for each month.

The National Service Team of Australia incorporated with representatives from New Zealand, have continued to hold the Upper Room Novena leading up to Pentecost Sunday. During this novena, first initiated by ICCRS, each State across Australia and New Zealand has been allocated a 24hour prayer period. In this way, intercessory prayer for the needs of the Renewal has been prayed corporately across Australia and New Zealand.

During the past 2 years each Australian State has participated in days of repentance and sought the Lord for a greater outpouring of God’s Spirit.

There also have been teachings in most States on intersession. Topics include:-
• What is intercession?
• How to be more effective in Intercession
• Prophetic Intercession.

The understanding of the need for Intercession is growing across the CCR in Australia and in many ways we are still growing in this area. As this is happening we are witnessing a strong committed network of intercessors forming for the Renewal and a strong move of the Holy Spirit drawing more people into this necessary ministry.

By Anne Marie Gatenby, Australian National CCR Intercession Coordinator


SINGAPORE: Intercession in Singapore

1.0 Overview

1.1 SACCRE (Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal) consists of:

1.2 Singapore NSC i.e. SACCRE Council – in charge of all CPGs (Charismatic Prayer Groups).

North District – 5 CPGs, East District – 6 CPGs, West District – 4 CPGs, Serangoon District – 5 CPGs, City District – 5 CPGs.

Other Groups – Chinese Focus Group – 4 CPGs, Malayalam Focus Group – family groups, Indonesian Focus Group – adult group and youth group, Parish Youth Group – 3 CPGs and Non Parish Youth Group – 3 CPGs

1.3 SACCRE Pastoral Team (SPT) – in charge of supporting and pastoring CPGs in their areas of need e.g. leadership, ministries and other related areas of concern.

1.4 SACCRE School of Formation (SOF) – in charge of organizing courses, retreats and seminars.
The School organizes courses (in-depth teaching with workshops) to form and equip people within CCR, and also the non-CCR Catholics who are interested to learn more about Charismatic gifts and charism’s.

2.0 Initiatives of Intercession

2.1 Each CPG prays and intercedes regularly as a group or at home.

2.2 ‘In The Gap’ SACCRE Intercessory Network – we have a Core Team that comes together once a month to pray and intercede on special intentions for the whole of CCR.

We also gather all CPGs once every two months for Intercessory Prayer. During this session there is a ‘share and learn’ process where leaders and their respective intercessors learn to pray more prophetically.

SPT organises and gathers all CPGs every year for their full participation for the Overnight Prayer Vigil before Pentecost.

The Resource Team is also extending courses on Intercession to non-CCR groups like RCIA Youth Leaders, Parish Council Leaders and Youth Leaders and Young Adult Leaders, working with Parishes to set up new intercession groups. This is in line with the Year of Faith and with His Grace Archbishop William Goh’s emphasis on prayer and intercession for every Parish.

The Pastoral Team helps to form new Intercessory groups, provide assistance and journey with them.
Upon request, the Pastoral Team also visits Intercessory groups during their regular intercession sessions to help them out and provide them with proper guidance.

To sum it all, we are in the mist of building up strong intercessory teams for CCR praying prophetically in Singapore.



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